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Extra Curricular Activities



Every day half an hour at the middle of the day is the designated Assembly Time. This time is gainfully utilized to enhance students understanding of current topics, imparting values and manners -based talks, guest lectures, inter-house competitions, musical sessions etc. Also this time is employed to motivate students by positive reinforcement in the form of praise or rewards awarded in public. The assembly is thus gives every child the opportunity to be in the spotlight and to be celebrated as an individual.
Special Assemblies are conducted on special days and also by each class on a rotation basis. This helps in enhancing students communication skills and also give them more exposure to public speaking and being on stage.



Interact is Rotary International's service club for young people ages 14 to 18. Interact clubs are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance, but they are self-governing and self-supporting.
The Interact club at Pathways is still an infant has many projects in the pipeline and under the visionary guidance of our Pricipal Mrs. Anu Gupta, the Interact club aims at developing humanitarian ethos in our students.

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