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Principal's Message

“The strong link between school and home, encourage our children to do well. They know we are all working together”- Mrs. Susan Fredericks. .
Dear Parents,
Though a school can do a lot for a child but it cannot do everything. Home is that place where a child gets his/her first education and training to move in the contemporary world. It is the best place where his/her character is formed and developed. School education indeed promotes the growth of personality and helps to discover and develop the qualities that are hidden in the children. I feel i am blessed with a Noble opportunity of colouring the souls of children around me, with positive human values so that these children further spread the warmth and joy of positivity in the world where they venture ahead in life.
I feel the students and teachers of the school must value the environment, opportunities of growth, support and affection that Altus International School warmly offers to all.


We encourage our budding talents by giving them full freedom to articulate thoughts and concretize them into positive actions. We seek to create not miracles, but a happy and Joyful learning environment to empower the children with enriched values. I hereby solicit your cooperation and support in our endeavor to bring out the best and enable your child to become competent, confident, independent, creative successful and above all a good citizen with virtues of head and heart and character.

May the God bless us all
Profound Regards


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