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Why Day Boarding

The Altus International School is the pioneer in the concept of day-boarding, hitherto an unknown concept to most of the region’s residents. However today it has become the first choice of enlightened parents.
Day Boarding concept of schooling brings in advantages of both day-school and boarding school to ensure complete development of a child. This system of schooling is increasingly becoming popular among the parents for its many advantages over other systems.
Consummate for working Parents : Parents who spend long working hours find it suitable that child spend extra hours in learning environment of school to groom many more aspects of the child’s personality.

Nutritional Essentialities Fortified : Facility for fresh, nutritional and healthy food at a day-boarding school ensures that the proper diet of the child is taken care of. Eating at school mess also helps the child develop good social eating habits and table etiquettes.
Fewer Distractions : Day Boarding school does not give opportunity to the child to involve themselves in any harmful activities or habits as they work on strict timetables and most of the day-time is spend in school.
Professional Training for Extra-Curricular Activities : More time and better training for co-scholastic activities at school ensures prefect grooming of child’s talent in many areas.
Better Social Life Quotient : Children spending more quality time at school tend to develop better relationship through group activities, social interactions and events.

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